We had a vision. There is much that remains unknown. In the meantime there are sticks puncturing foamy marshmallows hovering, on fire, as they crisp and then coagulate to make a sweet sandwich goo. Rub the dew from the mallow plant above your eyelids to assist in clearer vision, or for melancholy, crush the stems and move the paste from forehead to crown to nape. Marsh mallows aren’t sticks but roots, sinking into the ground like an old hand, succulent and pale pink on the top. Which part came first, which part came after? Which is rather where and where is many places flowing together: the same gigantic city over and over, sounds and straits, the right big toe of the English coast, a rocky valley with a flock of ancient monasteries, a rushing river with two identical consonants at its center. This is just the start and the afterwards is where we had already become a cooperative: serene, created and willed*.

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* Alice Spawls, in her essay on the life of Hildegard von Bingen, notes of her polyphonic antiphon dedicated to the Virgin Mary in 1157, “the notes modulate up and over the octave, the melismas longest and highest on the words serenum, creavit and voluit (‘serene’, ‘created’ and ‘willed).” It was through music that Hildegard found the most sparkling and vivid form for foretelling her visions. Alice Spawls, “‘O Veriditas Digiti Dei’ The Green Voice of Hildegard of Bingen”, in Unknown Language, Ignota Books, 2020, pg. 224.