How To Show Up? is an independent organisation in Amsterdam, which commissions and publishes new work from artists and writers. Our latest commissions fall under the theme of prophecy and explore modes of clairvoyance, the distance and time traveled between speaker and receiver, and expectations for the future.

In March, Rami Karim shared “the closer you look the faster I disappear” at San Serriffe. At the Thomas Kerk (to be announced in the near future), Harilay Rabenjamina will re-assemble Scott Joplin’s lost Ragtime opera “A Guest of Honour.” We’ve recently established a publishing space on this website. Huw Lemmey’s piece about haunting and urban space “Catalan Gothic” is one click away. “The Outpatient” is a three-part series and epilogue by the poet and scholar Nadia de Vries. Written in the days leading up to and during the Coronavirus lockdowns, the texts take the form of an expanding column spoken in several disintegrating and illuminated voices.

We just recently started a channel on Telegram, and the 2016–onwards archive and past commissions are available here.